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Monday, October 12, 2009

21-15-9 of:
135 lb. Cleans
Ring Dips
Many of you missed "Fran", and by many I mean everyone except Vilas. Fran's one of those weird workouts that has taken on a quasi-mystical status within the crossfit community. A fast Fran is seen as the true hallmark of athletic ability, endurance and pain tolerance in the Crossfit world. And fast is a not a relative term here. The world record is 1:53 and Mikko Salo, the 2009 Crossfit games champions, does it in 2:16. To be anything close to elite you have to be approaching this time, sub 3:00 is ideal. There's no special combination of movements or reps here, just brutally effective functional compound movements done at incredibly high intensity. When you meet a crossfitter in the airport or traveling (like if you'er repping your CFSS shirt), the first thing they'll often ask you is "What's your Fran time?" in this way the shared suffering of Fran is the bond that holds Crossfit across state lines and international borders. What that questions is meant imply is "How much have you suffered?" and "How hard have you worked?". What do you want to be able to answer? You might see this come up on the rest day, just a warning.


  1. Will try to make it by at 4:00 today - crazy day.

  2. 3 minutes? I managed to do the first round of 21, 21 fairly quickly before my body quit in disgust. the last two rounds were sheer joy alright. Maybe one day I'll get there. But I do feel the after affects today - back is stiff as cardboard and my arms feel tight

  3. My advice to y'all; Skip Fran, Have some Flan instead. Soooo much better

  4. Friday
    Went indoor rock climbing. I feel like all the core stability stuff we do transfers really well. Not to mention the pulling strength. My grip started to go towards the end.

    Fran (scaled to 75lbs) 10:37

    First set of pullup was 5 in a row, which is my current max. This one sucked. But at least I have a PR now.

    Congrats to Chace on an insane 3:06 Fran. Maybe he'll let me put it up youtube.

  5. Well said on "Fran" Paul, it's definatley an epic CF wod. I'm still bout a week behind so the Fran butterflies will float nauseausly in the belly till Friday.

    Today, Thrusters 7x1=190

  6. I should have known what I was in for when Nate was jumping around screaming "Fran, Fran, Fran," and said "grab the pain and hold on"

    7:11 RX on my first Fran. I am amazed a 7 minute workout could wreck me for hours afterwards.

  7. its ryan posting again, not brandon,

    nice job everyone on their fran and elizabeth times! 3;00 minute fran chace?! nice!! nate, you probly won't sleep til friday night, right?

    we did an intersting wod, 5 rounds of 6 burpees and 4 split cleans with 155 lbs. way hard. did it in 4:03 for the gym record. it was one of those ones that went by so fast that your body felt the pain for the first time about 30 seconds after the workout was over and then for the next four hours.

    i'm getting acclomated to the altitude up here finally, johnathan and nate- i did an epic 12 mile climb the other day on my road bike. unreal beautiful, and hurt so bad. the decent was 30 minutes!! no lie. great riding out here and great crossfit community!