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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Congrats to Jordan for winning his weight class and ranking at Brazilian Ju Jitsu Pan Ams!
20 Minutes as Many Rounds as Possible of:
250m Row
21 Sumo Dead Lift High Pull 95 lbs.
15 Pullups
Be warned for the larger classes the row will be a run.
"The best athletes seem to know their bodies the best, which makes them very aware of the little nicks and dings that come with training. Often, these really good athletes let these nicks and dings get the best of them mentally. Stuff I would just shrug off and train through, they obsess upon, and it forces them out of the gym. You could be one of these guys. I expect my athletes to train when they are hurt, but not when they are injured. The difference? Training hurt won't make things worse. Training injured will. " -Rob Shaul MountainAthlete.com

Are you more likely not to train if your excessively sore? Or do you find that a little bit of movement won't make things worse, it may even help you be a little less sore? Post your thoughts to comments.
-Paul Siegel


  1. I love training when I am sore....it always makes the soreness better.

  2. I usually forget about being sore after the workout has started. If I'm not sore, it makes me think I haven't pushed hard enough.

    Holy heck I have some major blisters after today, this week wasn't easy on the hands!

  3. Dirty Dozen from last thursday almost RX (blue band on the ring dips)

    This one hurt, who put a row at the end of this? Insanity, sheer insanity. I'm still shaking 2 hours after the event.

    Then I watched Nate crush this workout in half my time. When I'm as old as he is I hope I'm half as diesel as he is.

    As to training sore, I think working out helps, I think it's also important to acknowledge that it will hurt to some extent. But to not let this pain become an impediment to your training. That's just the price you have to pay to play.

  4. Thanks Paulllly, I think? And Paul, don't forget to mention when we congratulated Jordan for his win, his comment to me was "It was all CrossFit man, felt so strong and I just did'nt get tired!". Way to go Jordan, you deserve every bit o that brotha!

    Today,"10/1 Chipper" CTB,TTB=15:34

  5. BTW, Ryan, Great to see your post, right back to ya man. I know you're showin em how we do it in the "dirty south"!!!

  6. Nate, Crossfit has improved my jiu jitsu in several ways. I feel much stronger and I've greatly improved my cardiovascular endurance. Most importantly, my mental toughness has allowed me to break down my opponents and drain them of their fighting spirit. This enables me to build momentum, and win matches by out-working my opponents.

    I can't thank you guys enough for all the support and encouragement you've provided me with.