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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


3 rounds for time:

400m run

21 KB Swings (55/40 lbs.)

12 Pullups

If you missed the wagon on donating for FGB, there's still time to donate. We're $235 away from reaching $3000.

Just wanted to take the chance here to tell everyone they did a fantastic job with the snatch yesterday. It's an incredibly complex movement, and one that is very hard to do heavy. It's one of those movements we'd prefer to see more often but only comes up every 3 months. We've often encouraged you to put your goat in your warm-up, the same applies to any of the difficult barbell movements. Get sound mechanics, build to a consistancy with the movement and then we can work on intensity, whether that means more reps or more weight. Warm-up with a few snatches and cleans after your Dynamic Range of Motion (DROM). Get in a few presses. Do some push ups, ring dips, handstand holds. I try and do double unders ever time I workout, because that's what I need to work on the most. The more familiarity, and frequency, you have with these movements the better the technically difficult days are going to be.


  1. Snstch yesterday

  2. Going to take the day off today - VERY sore for some reason???

    Will see you guys tomorrow AM.

  3. the workouts I want to do always come up when I'm taking a break may have to come back and hit the snatch workout and then do helen sometime.

    Enjoying this not working out. See y'all in the gym.

  4. Hit CTB "Angie" Monday=18:51 and I'm taking a few days off. "FGB" broke me this time.

  5. hey everyone! I miss you all. Just had to give the update got a new pr on helen 10:38! almost a 1 minute pr. I think I am gonna take the course at xfit atl on pose running b/c thats where i need to work to get to sub 10. so close!!

  6. ahhh...sweet pic. a tear. apples?