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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rest Day
Back Squat 1RM
Press 1RM
Deadlift 1RM
Best of 3 attempts in all lifts. Score is combined pounds for all 3 lifts.
Fight Gone Bad IV. 18 Days. $1205 to our goal.
Thanks for everyone who came and participated in yesterdays Labor Day Fun. Ya'll left everything out there on the track. Including some skin from your tail bone. Thanks to Jonathan for hosting the after party.
It's very easy to avoid the heavy days, just as it's easy to avoid the long grinders and steady state 5k's. But it's all a part of a whole. Everything you avoid, because you're afraid of putting weight on the bar, because you're afraid of a 5k is a detriment to your fitness. Ultimately the increased work capacity you develop in here will ward off the rest home down the line. You put in your pain and work now to keep you healthy and active later.


  1. Great meeting the 9 am crew this morning. "Cherry" was fun - and a great re-introduction to the regiment.

    Looking forward to tomorrow...

  2. Total today. Wasn't sure this was gonna happen after yesterday's suffer fest. But it did.

    Back Squat
    245, 275, 295 (PR)
    95,125 (PR), 130 Miss
    315,355,375 miss.

    which is a Total of 775, 50 more pounds than last time. Not too shabby.

  3. Chris, great to have you brotha! Looking forward to your progress with us! "Total"=775

  4. Today

    Lift heavy object on back - 210
    Press lighter shit overhead - 125
    Pick up much heavier thing from floor - 285

    620 Total, PR, thats the great thing about doing something for the first time.. it's always a PR

  5. Ohh, and thanks to everyone for coming out yesterday. I had a great time, hope yall did too

  6. yo guys!! me and kristen really really miss crossfit sandy springs and all the shreders that wok out there! did our first work out at the crossfit here in junction and it was cool. the altitude really kicked my ass, but kristen managed a PR on cindy with 14 rounds!! Chace, Paul and nate, you guys rule. i really miss being known and cared for so well by all of you. you don't know how good you got it or how much people mean to you till you are without them. sucks how that works, but i am so grateful to have gotten to train with all of you for the time that i did, and i can not wait till we all hit it again together! you guys rock. i will wear my crossfit snady springs shirt no matter what gym i go to, cause i want to represent my family. thanks again guys, we miss you, see you soon!