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Monday, July 6, 2009

One of our old school homies, Tim, doing some deadlifts at CrossFit Sandy Springs West. Brook and Tim moved to Auburn a little while ago and took with them an addiction to CrossFit. Seeing as there is no CrossFit gym in Auburn, they started the first one in their garage.
The Brown Sisters. Karin showing some vicious extension against the ground to create elevation on the barbell. That's what we call hip extension! Krissi landing in a very solid position in the background.

Rest Day


Norcal Qualifier
500m row
30 burpees
165lbs Overhead, Anyhow 10 reps.
for time


Make up Saturday 7/4 or Sunday 7/5

Do you remember your first Crossfit session? I remember mine, it was a 45 minute sufferfest with little instruction and my Starting Strength cycle had done nothing to prepare me for that little piece of hell. But I knew as a lay curled in a fetal position, panting and maybe weeping a little that this was for me. I'm willing to wager that many of you had the same experience.

In the next couple of months things in the gym are going to change, Evolution Personal Training will become Crossfit Sandy Springs on August 1 as the last of the isolation machines make their way out the door. The sign's already gone. We're hoping to see a jump in membership as well. That means new faces and bigger classes. The first thing that struck me about CFSS is that there was such a strong sense of community and a very high level of coaching. We'll maintain the high level of coaching, if you guys work on the community. Introduce yourself to new people, shout encouragement, share advice (as long as it's helpful). CFSS is growing, let's grow the family with it. Bring in your friends, your family, co-workers and neighbors. You (all of you, even Jared) are our most valuable marketing tool. I believe that everyone should try it once.


  1. Burpees.....Sweet...I have had a lot of practice! Lol!

  2. "It can be all too easy to come up with excuses.
    And it can be all too easy to let those excuses stop you in your tracks.
    Stop telling yourself why you cannot do it and start reminding yourself why you must.
    When you have a strong enough reason why, you'll get it done."

    Found here:

  3. Hey Paul - love the additional info on the blog. The byersgetsdiesel is very good as well as robb wolf site. Thanks for the encouragement on eating better this morning. Right now I'm eating a spinach salad with veggies, walnuts and crab so I'm following through! Thanks - Chad

  4. I try to recruit new folks everyday. Crossfit Sandy Springs is like my extended family.

    I love every minute of it and will tell anyone else I meet the same. If you like competition they you will love my gym.

    I even like the burpees that I have to do everyday for being late.

    See you guys in an hour.

  5. hey guys so my good friend Mandy owns a jiu jitsu/ kickboxing school( An affilate of Alliance bjj across the stress from your gym) It's about 15-20 minutes from Smyrna. They are having a fitness challenge July 25th and it has a 1st prize of $200! The event consists of push ups, sit ups, squats and running. I think us crossfitters have a good chance of winning and some of the proceeds go to a charity for domestic violence. I will be there and hope to see some of you guys too. Here's their website. If you scroll down to the bottom you will see all the info. http://www.tekniquesbjj.com/

  6. I can't wait to see what CFSS will look like when all the machines get moved out...it's gonna be a pretty big (and pimpin') box. Congrats to Nate and Chase for building a great CF community from the ground up! We miss you guys!

  7. Press/PP/PJ

    Press - 70x1,85x1,95x1,105x1,115x1,120x1
    Push Press - 85x3,95x3,110x3,120x3,130x3
    Push Jerk - 95x5,115x5,125x5,130x5,135x5

    I heart explosive lifts