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Thursday, July 23, 2009

155 lbs. Deadlift, 12 reps
155 lbs. Hang Power Clean, 9 reps
155 lbs. Push Jerk, 6 reps
5 Rounds for time
I've gotten a few questions about drag setting on the rowers. I'm going to take some time now to give a brief overview of what it is, what it's supposed to simulate and what that means to you. I'll put a long winded explanation below this but the rough recommendation is:
Short Piece = Higher Damper Setting
Long Piece = Lower Damper setting
These rules are guidelines and with more experience you'll know where you feel comfortable.
The Concept2 rowing ergometer measures raw power (in meters, watts or time) through the revolutions of a flywheel, the flywheel acts as a turbine and the more air the fan gets the faster it will slow down. the damper on the side controls the amount of air the flywheel can get, and how quickly it will slow down. 1 damper lets in very little air and accordingly the wheel can spin for longer. 10 damper let's in a lot of air and the fly wheel spins down quicker this corresponds to two things: boat feel and muscle stimilus.
In a shell we refer to something called "run". When a crew is working in co-ordination and with good form and power, the boat feels light and effortless. This corresponds to a one damper. If the crew has no co-ordanition, technique or power we call this a heavy boat or novice year. This is a ten damper. What is more important for those of you who haven't stepped in a shell and don't intend on doing so, is that a 1 damper will fell more aerobic . A 10 damper will stimulate more anaerobic processes. For more basic information check out Concept2 basic's page. For a more advanced look at it check out this page on damper setting for your next 2k.


  1. There's a nutrition certification that anyone can go to Nove 14th at BTB. Should be pretty informative. Go to Crossfit.com to sign up.

  2. I'm just wondering about Big Russ's picture on the blog today...is he pouting about having to do 50 Burpees or is he in CrossFit timeout? ;)