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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


800 meter run

30 Kettlebell Swings, 2 poods (or 70lb Dumbbell)

30 Pullups

(5 rounds for time)

Congratulations to everyone who got a PR or set a really good benchmark from which to build!


Saturday July 4: Class at 9 and 10 am only!

Saturday July 11: 8:00 am Skills Class: The Squat and variations

(Note normal group classes will be at 9, 10 and 11 am)

No one gets stronger from lifting weights, you get stronger by recovering from lifting weights. Recovery is perhaps the most necessary and overlooked parts of Crossfit. If you're not taking care of your self after the workout (stretching, sleep and good diet) than the investment in sweat equity your making in here is practically useless. Some quick recommendations:

  • Foam roll: Google Self Myofascial Release for more information, we'll also have some of these lying around soon enough. Ask any of us how to use them and we'll show you.

  • Get 8 hours of good sleep in a completely dark, quiet room.

  • A good diet rich in lean meats, healthy fats and fresh local fruits and vegetables.

  • Stretch after a workout, take 10 minutes and get everything moving right.

  • If you're acutely injured or your times are falling off, weights are dropping and your constantly sick take time off. As much as we want to see you in here (and we do) we'd prefer you be healthy and happy.


  1. Taking time off may sound easy, but it is no cake walk. I haven't been in in just shy of a week and it feels like years. Not setting PRs day-in and day-out has severely depressed morale. And where is the motivation to get through the day when I know there won't be burpees or friends pushing me to my breaking point at the end of it. I have even been hanging out with people who have no interest in discussing the efficacy of the low-bar vs. high-bar back squat. I think I may have even had dream last night where I was doing preacher curls and dumbbell flies. Frightening

  2. Holy Crap!! Karin told me to come check out Krissis deadlift picture 245?! you go girl. And since I'm here I have to announce I finally met my biggest Crosfit goal and did a backsquat of 100lbs! Lil ol' 105lb Lisa did it! And I think I could have done more So excited!!! And Eva is a bitch! Did it 49:02 this am. Only tour 3 pads off. Pretty excited. Ok just looked at Krissi's picture again bad ass!!!! You go girl!!! I feel like a proud mama. =)

    -3rd Charlies Angel Lisa B